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Welcome to the I'M...BOOKS  blog, where I'll be posting fun updates and news about I'm Bored, I'm Sad and I'm Worried. This picture book series is written by Michael Ian Black and illustrated by me (Debbie Ridpath Ohi), published by Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers. This blog replaces my old I'm Bored blog; you can still access the archives.


"A quite happy and optimistic book about sadness." - Waking Brain Cells

Thanks to Waking Brain Cells (what a great name for a blog) for the kind review of I'M SAD!

"Told entirely in dialogue, this is a frank look at sadness and emotion. It explains a variety of approaches to emotions, ending with the most important one which is to not push the emotions away and that they will naturally change on their own."

"A quite happy and optimistic book about sadness. Appropriate for ages 3-5."


5/5 stars for I'M SAD in!

Thanks to YSBookReviews for the 5-star review of I'M SAD!

"This is a great book to show kids that feeling sad is not a bad thing or a wrong feeling. Everyone feel sad sometimes."


"This book belongs in every classroom and every library and in every home!" - Colby Sharp reviews I'M SAD


On Why Michael Ian Black wrote a children's book about sadness

"It might be a difficult idea to get across, in an era of social media and heightened technology. 'It’s something I had to learn, and I think it’s something my wife had to learn,' Black admits. 'I feel like a parent has [only] two jobs: Help your [kids] feel that they’re loved, and two, make them feel safe.' Also important: Giving your children the tools for self-reliance."


I'M SAD review by The Pages In-Between

Thanks to The Pages In-Between for the kind review of I'M SAD!

"This was such a great story, and I love that it teaches kids that it’s okay to be sad, and it’s okay to tell people when you are sad. Now we want the whole series!"

"We also really enjoyed the bright, colorful illustrations, and the simple dialogue. It held their attention and made it easier on mom when they want me to read it five times in a row! I think this book is perfect for kids ages 3-7 (my boys are four and they really liked it) This has become a nightstand book, so that we can read it nightly."